The man turned and looked at Martin; and then, he saw the Sig. His eyes grew wide in disbelief as if he knew that he was too late. 

The laser-sighted and silencer fitter heavy Walther swung desperately from Kristen towards Martin, but the Sig was already looking at its target. Martin pulled the trigger; and kept firing.

         The first four bullets that flew out of the muzzle in the blink of an eye hit the man in the chest. The impact of the bullets threw him backwards. With a surprise look in his eyes, he toppled to the ground. But it seemed that it was now Martin’s turn for a surprise. Because, as soon as the man hit the ground, he jumped to his knees and lurched to the gun that he had dropped.  Vest… damn fucking vest, said Martin to himself. They all were wearing Kevlars. Fuck! He pulled the trigger twice more. The 9 mm. Parabellums hit the man in the mouth. His legs twitched for a brief moment. He would not grin anymore.

         ‘Behind you!’ Kristen screamed in his ears.

         Martin quickly turned on his heels. The young skinhead was brandishing an MP5 in his hand. Martin ducked immediately and a volley of bullets dived into the night licking his hair. He pulled the trigger, aiming the Sig lower. He had no intention of finding out if that one was wearing a Kevlar, too. All he had was a precious second; live or die… Two Parabellums plunged into the man’s groins. The skinhead dropped to the ground with a spine-chilling howling; the MP5 spewed rest of its bullets in to the night sky before slipping away from his hand.  He rolled around in agony; his blank eyes looked as if they would burst out of their sockets. Martin put two more bullets into the man’s head. The howling stopped.

            ‘Don’t even move.’ A gun was cocked with a  metallic noise. Martin was still in crouched-down position. He raised his head and looked.